NIne local churches will present a choir concert. Participating are church choirs from Depue/Cherry 1st Congreational UCC, 1st Congregational Church, La Salle, 1st Congregational Church, Peru, St. John's Lutheran Church on the Hill, St. John's Lutheran Church, Peru, and Zion United Church of Christ. Each choir will present 2 anthems and then combine with individuals from Spring Valley United Church of Christ, Grace United Methodist Church and Trinity United Church of Christ for the final two anthems. Donations at the concert will go to support local food pantries. All are welcome to attend. Click here for the Zion UCC Event Page for "Choir Expo".



Preparation for First Communion – Fourth graders and anyone not yet communing who desires to begin receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion is invited to begin a series of study.  St. John’s follows the ELCA guidance that:

There is no set age at which a young person may be ready and interested in preparing to receive the sacrament – this is best determined by the family of young ones.

It is encouraged that students be able to read well so that they can participate most meaningfully in discussion and study.

Don Anderson will lead classes to prepare fourth graders to receive their First Communion at this year’s Maundy Thursday worship service. Adults and older youth are encouraged to speak with Pastor about opportunities for instruction.



2019 Congregational Resourcing Event, Saturday, March 9, 9:15am-3:15pm

All congregation members are encouraged to attend this excellent annual event featuring workshops on topics including Communication/Technology, Congregation Leadership, Evangelism/Outreach/Hospitality, Faith Formation & Growth, Global Ministry, Social Justice, Spirituality/Prayer/Health & Wellness, Stewardship, Worship, and Youth/Family/Children.  To see a list of all workshop and to register, please see the West bulletin board in the Narthex.


St. John’s Public Reception of New Members – February 24th.  All those wishing to become new members of St. John’s are encouraged to come to worship that Sunday to affirm their membership.  Pastor will meet with you briefly before service that day.  Please meet in the Liefeld Lounge, next to the office, at 10:00am.  Please call the church office if you plan to join our congregation, so we can be properly prepared.


Refresh & Impress - Calling all worship volunteers and would-be volunteers!  We will begin a series of short meetings following worship on Sundays to bring worship volunteers, and those interested in getting involved, together for a 15 - 20 minute refresher "course".  This will also serve as training to new volunteers.  To those already serving as greeters, ushers, readers, communion servers, acolytes and on Altar Guild, it is a joyful experience.  We invite those already serving to attend and hope to see many new faces at the sessions offered.  A brief outline of the role and responsibilities will be shared as well as comments from Pastor William.  If you are unable to attend, but would like to learn more, contact the church office.  Please consider assisting in any way you are able.  To accommodate our Saturday volunteers, these short meetings will also be held following the Saturday evening worship on the respective weekends.  We apologize for the over sight.

                              February 16/17 - Ushers

                              March 2/3 - Communion Servers

                              March 9/10 - Greeters

                              March 16/17 – Acolytes

                              March 23/24 - Readers 

                              Sat.,   April 6 – Altar Guild



Name Tags

What’s up with having to use name tags every week? Everyone knows my name, don’t they?

 Well, we wear them because…

  • …it’s an easy way to learn names of those with whom you worship, sing, and eat (communion.)
  • …it’s a good way to show a welcoming attitude to all who come here; including guests.
  • …it’s healthy to get to know everyone.
  • …it’s fun to be called by name.
  • …it’s a painless way of participating.
  • …it’s amusing to the wait staff when we leave them on when we go out to a meal afterward. They’ll know you went to church and watch your behavior towards them and others – that’s called evangelism.

 So, please give it a try, as pastor likes to say; “As long as no one gets hurt, it’s OK.”


Group Mission Trips

St. John's Youth are planning their 2019 mission trip to the Covered Bridge Workcamp in Princeton, IL for a week of fun and serving.  The dates are July 28 to August 3, 2019. The operational partner is Workcamps which is a mission of Group Cares.  At Workcamps, teenagers come together to serve individuals and communities while building strong, long-lasting relationships with their friends and youth leaders.  In six short days, hundreds of teenagers from across the county repair and transform homes. Click here for information about 2019 Covered Bridge Workcamp Mission Trip



During Church Service on March 31st, students will be participating in a hand bell choir.  If your child is interested, please contact the church office at 815-223-1144.  Practices will be on Sundays.  More information will be available at a later date.

Also, during the March 31st church service, students from the younger Sunday School classes (Pre-k/k-4th grade) will be performing a song or two.  The students will practice during Sunday School leading up to the church service.



Good news! Our new Lifetouch mobile directory is ready!

Our mobile directory contains contact information for all the families of St. John’s Lutheran Church and is an easy-to-use tool to help you stay connected. PLUS, you will see portraits of all our families that participated in our recent photography event. What a great way to connect names and faces!

To access the mobile directory, call  or email the church office for more information: 815-223-1144 or



The Blessing Box

In the fall of 2017, Children’s Spiritual Life & Education Committee recommended to Council the idea of a Blessing Box outside the Sunday school entrance which would have food for the needy that could be accessed at all times.  Council approved and the Blessing Box was placed in September 2017.

Since that time the Blessing Box has had multiple visitors.:

An elderly woman who comes about once a week. Shortly after the box was installed, a note was put in the box asking those using it what types of food would be most beneficial to them.  This  little lady said she would like Spam.  When Don Anderson’s 4th grade class heard this they decided to bring Spam for the Blessing Box.

Dennis, a regular to St. John’s who in the past has asked for a few dollars to cover his prescriptions, now calls to see if he can take food from the box.  No matter how often we tell him to just stop by and take what he needs, he always calls first.

A gentleman that uses a cane stops by a couple times a month

Two younger women have become frequent visitors to the box

Another woman stops about once a week and adds some items to the box.

We have a sign asking that they take only what they need and leave some for the next person, but occasionally one person will empty the box.  We do our best to keep it filled.

The fourth Sunday of each month has been designates as “Blessing Box Sunday” and any donations you could bring would be greatly appreciated.  We try to keep it filled with soups, canned meals, instant meals, etc., but are grateful for whatever you can bring.

Some suggestions for donations are individual pasta meals, soup, applesauce, fruit cups, jello, tuna kits, instant potatoes, snack crackers.  Donations may be placed directly into the Blessing Box, in the box near the Sunday school entrance or left in the church office.  Monetary donations are also accepted. 





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