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Pastor William Weidenbach

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Pastor’s Ponderings

As we move through our Annual Congregational Meeting I ponder what it means. How was it for you? Did it help guide you? Did your participation help guide your leadership? Where do we go from here?

Maybe the best question is: What does God desire?

Let us pray for guidance and strength.
Prayer: Direct us, Lord God, in all our doings with your most gracious favor. Strengthen us to commit ourselves to you and the work to be done in your kingdom. Direct our thoughts that we might know what you desire from us. And finally, Lord God, give us the courage to answer your call to serve one another. Amen.

Let us take stock of how we use our time, talents, and treasures.

Consider: How do you spend your 168 hours each week? While work and sleep justly consume a large part of these hours, are the remaining hours spent in activities that would be pleasing to the One who gave you those hours? While sports, entertainment and socializing are valid uses of time, are they in proper proportion to service to others?

Consider: What gifts and abilities have been given to you by your Creator? Do you use your talents to foster inclusivity of all God’s children? Do you use your talents to speak for the oppressed and marginalized? Do you use your talents to lift up and encourage others? Do use your talents to speak of the good news of Christ that all are loved by a forgiving God?

Consider: What are your largest ten expenditures each month? Is giving to God’s work one of them? If it is; where does it rank? Is the ranking a “first-fruits” kind, or is it a “leftover” kind? What does that say about your faith in God’s benevolence?

Let us be faithful in our call to service.

Prayer: Almighty God, you blessed each of us with unique gifts, and you called us into specific occupations, relationships, and activities for using those gifts. You blessed us with the ability to earn a living and care for ourselves financially. Enable us to use our time, talents, and treasures for the good of others and to glorify you. Empower us to be ministers of your reconciliation, love, hope, and justice. Amen.

Let us pay attention to God’s direction.

Listen: God directs through dreams, words we hear from others, opportunities presented all around us, and by that still small voice inside us. Listen, God is Calling (ELW 513,) calling to you and to me.


Pr. William




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